We offer a unique and effective technology that pre-treats wastewater in its early stages, before sludge is formed. Our patented proven SRS sewage mining technology recycles sewage solids, thus creating a commodity that is high in demand. The SRS technology treats the sludge problem before it occurs by reducing sludge formation by up to 50% and significantly decreses sewage-related health hazards and treatment costs.
Based on proven proprietary wastewater-recycling technology, our sewage mining solution (SRS) automatically extracts cellulose out of raw wastewater and turns it into a valuable revenue-generating commodity: Recyllose™ (recycled cellulose). Recyllose™ has numerous applications in various industries, including construction, insulation, pulp & paper, and bio-plastics, can be used as an economical and environmentally-friendly fuel source, and more.
Changing the Way We Handle Wastewater - watch our video: a revolutionary technology for recycling sewage solids, dramatically reducing sludge formation
People Equivalent Wastewater treated by SRS™
Sludge formation prevented by SRS™ worldwide (tons)
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  The wastewater treatment plant as a raw material factory - the production of Recyllose

We are happy to announce the publication of an exciting and highly important movie prepared in the Netherlands earlier this month (Oct. 2014), about the great commercial potential of the RecylloseTM as a raw material that can be used in numerous industries. Click here to view to movie.

  Products from Sewage - Infographic

See how environmental & financial benefits go hand in hand. View the 
sewage mining process infographic here

  We will be participating in the 5th CleanTech Investing Seminar 3-4 December 2014 in Lausanne, Switzerland.