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Recognizing sewage as a resource of which useful commodities can be mined, Applied CleanTech had developed a ground-breaking sewage recycling technology to extract the revenue-generating bio-based product Recyllose™, out of raw wastewater



Founded in 2007, Applied CleanTech (ACT) provides municipalities and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) with game-changing and ground-breaking proven recycling technology for pre-treating wastewater in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.


Our proprietary Sewage Recycling System (SRS) changes the way we treat and perceive sewage by using advanced sewage mining technology and creating a valuable commodity (RecylloseTM– recycled cellulose), which has multiple applications in various industries and significantly reduces the formation of sludge. With the SRS, sewage is no longer a nuisance and health hazard, but rather an endless untapped resource.


ACT is currently the only company in the world that produces marketable and valuable products from wastewater using the SRS sewage-recycling technology. While most companies in the market today aim to treat and reduce sludge after it is formed, our solution pre-treats wastewater in its early stages, automatically producing the revenue-generating RecylloseTM and reducing sludge formation by up to 50%


In addition to these benefits, the SRS reduces operational costs and energy consumption by up to 30%, increases WWTP’s capacity by up to 30%, while reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), and gaining carbon credits.


The SRS has been successfully deployed on a global scale and is currently being used in Mexico, Canada, Israel, Scotland, France and the Netherlands, as the most profitable and eco-friendly way to recycle wastewater into goods.


The company is currently seeking business partners and investors. 


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