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The primary objective of a WWTP is to purify the wastewater by removal and treatment of solids and other waste contained in the wastewater.
Although the non-decomposable solid material constitutes a very small part of the wastewater, it accumulates as sludge – a huge environmental nuisance, a hazard to human health, and an economic burden.
Until this day, there was no good solution for reducing sludge volume. Existing solutions aim only at reusing sludge, leaving an intolerable unsolved and growing global problem.  


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 An inspiring new approach to wastewater treatment is critical to the environment and, ultimately, to human health. Tighter regulation limits, along with reduced operating and capital costs, are key motivators, and cost-effective treatment solutions are in demand.

Applied CleanTech had developed a revolutionary cost-effective solution: the SRS™ (Sewage Recycling System). The SRS is practically a sewage mining machine that turns solid waste into a profitable new commodity – Recyllose™, while taking a huge step toward environmental sustainability.

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