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Applied CleanTech solution-SRS

Applied CleanTech solution-SRS

The SRS (Sewage Recycling System) is a ground-breaking technology for recycling sewage solids in wastewater treatment plants. This revolutionary treatment approach extracts the bio-solid waste from sewage water on-site, and recycles it before it becomes useless sludge, substantially reducing sludge formation at municipal wastewater treatment plants.

The traditional method for treating wastewater worldwide is based mainly on biological purification, a process that requires high electricity consumption for aeration and produces excessive amounts of sludge – a negative by-product – daily.
Applied CleanTech has developed a revolutionary cost-effective solution called the SRS (Sewage Recycling System), which turns solid waste into a profitable new commodity – Recyllose™, while taking a giant step toward environmental sustainability. Based on the innovative Sewage Recycling System (SRS) approach, bio-solids are extracted from sewage water on-site and recycled before they become useless sludge in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s). The SRS substantially reduces sludge formation in municipal WWTPs, and also reduces the total costs of wastewater treatment, while increasing plant capacity. 

Sewage mining is the future of the wastewater industry.


Applied CleanTech offers 2 SRS types:

SRS Basic and SRS XP. Both substantially improve the existing sewage purification process, as reflected in the following features and benefits:

•    Fully automated and remote-controlled – 24 / 7 operational cycle
•   100% mechanical process
•    Small footprint
•    Minimal capital investment and installation expenses
•    Reduced electricity and chemical consumption  
•    Easy integration into the existing infrastructure of a WWTP
•    Reduced sludge formation by up to 50%
•    Reduced total OPEX (operational expenses) by approximately 30%
•    Reduced maintenance and improved efficiency of the other WWTP components
•    Increased plant solids treatment capacity by up to 30%
•    Bio-solids are trapped and recycled into Recyllose™ - a new, valuable, cellulose-  
      based, reusable commodity.





SRS Basic: A system designed for installation in existing WWTPs. The SRS Basic operates as a bypass system in parallel to the existing infrastructure.

SRS XP: A system designed for newly built WWTPs, or WWTPs planning to expand. It is connected in a “line" rather than as a bypass.

Class A module: An add-on designed to connect to the SRS Basic or to the SRS XP to further reduce the wastewater plant’s sludge production to a minimum. It contains a special bio-mass oven and a unique sludge-dryer to dry out the remainder of the produced sludge, resulting in a decrease of 65% in the original amount of sludge produced.

Bio-Plastic Module: Designed to use the Recyllose™  that is produced by the SRS as an additive to plastic feedstock for the bio-plastics industry. Cellulose-based, moldable and durable, this additive is an attractive recycled energy source for use as an alternative to fossil fuels, lowering plastic costs significantly.




 Download the SRS brochure here