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Recyllose™ - Products from Sewage

Applied CleanTech (ACT) views sewage as a resource. ACT is the first sewage mining company in the world to convert wastewater into a valuable resource - our Sewage Recycling System (SRS) uses sewage mining to reduce harmful sludge and automatically produce a valuable cellulose-based commodity- RecylloseTM.

RecylloseTM is a unique new compound that consists of high levels of recycled cellulose fibers extracted from raw wastewater. This product has many applications and is used in a variety of industries as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fuel, a heat source, electricity, and a valuable material in the pulp & paper, insulation, construction and bio-plastics industries.

According to an external report from November 2014, a WWTP treating sewage from 300k people costs about €2.6 (~$3.2) per person, per year. With the SRS technology, those same WWTPs can save approximately €2200 (~ $2700) a day in costs. In addition to being very economical, Applied CleanTech's proven solution also has eco-friendly qualities, saving around 10 acres of rainforest trees and ~275 tons of CO2 emissions a day for every 1 million people’s sewage.

By using our SRS technology, less pressure is put on the environment, water treatment costs are reduced, the entire process is optimized, less maintenance is required, and the capacity at wastewater treatment plants is increased.

RecylloseTM is part of a circular bio-based economy and is used to produce bio-composite materials, bio-fuels, asphalt, insulation materials, etc. - the possible applications are near-endless and this valuable material is produced from an endless resource.

The SRS technology extracts solids in liquid sewage to create a clean, environmentally-friendly, pasteurized product that is a winning combination between biology and physics and represents a new era in wastewater treatment.


Following is a Dutch movie presenting the wastewater treatment plant as a raw material factory - production of RecylloseTM examined:



Recyllose™ variety - products fromsewage

Recyllose Variety - products from sewage


Recyllose bio-plastic




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