Applied CleanTech’s SRS™ Sewage Recycling System produces a revolutionary commodity, Recyllose™, a cellulose-based product manufactured automatically by the SRS™. This unique new compound consists of high levels of recycled cellulose fibers extracted from wastewater.

Recyllose™ is a valuable commodity that can be used in a variety of industries as an alternative fuel; a heat source; environmentally-friendly electricity; an additive to the pulp and paper industry; and an additive for the bio-plastics industry.

Since April 2014, there has been a successful collaboration going on at the Aarle-Rikstel waste water treatment plant in the SRS pilot. This is an effort to take a few actual steps toward the goal of transforming the Water Boards into producers of raw materials.
Every year in the Netherlands we flush at least 170 tons of toilet paper down the toilet. With Applied CleanTech’s SRS technology, these cellulose fibers can be recovered to be processed into a unique raw material, Recyllose™.
Moreover, it leads to less pressure on the environment, lower water treatment costs and more capacity at the treatment plant.

Recyllose™ can be used for the production of bio-composite materials, biofuels, asphalt, insulation materials, etc. A number of parties are already at work.


Following is a Dutch movie presenting the wastewater treatment plant as a raw material factory - production of Recyllose examined:


Recyllose Variety



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