The best websites are not always the most flashy, however. The best are those who know how the Internet works, and why users notice your site and come back regularly with renewed desires.

Expertise is not neede to use these tips and make a more intelligent web design. A combination of attractive logo concepts, informative content, and intuitive layout can take you far.

1. Make sure that each page is responsive

Responsive means that your website knows what type of device the visitor to view it on, and can react accordingly for the best possible experience. In 2018, and according to this study and article, more than half (52.2%) of all Internet traffic came from smartphones for the first time in history. If your site cannot support the view of an iPhone or Android, you have just lost the attention of half of your potential audience.

2. Use high definition images

Unless they need a new pair of glasses, your customers should never have to squint to see something on your website. Using Low-resolution images is a workaround on a low capacity storage server. But ultimately, it is poor service for your customers if they cannot see all your products in as much detail as possible.

3. Make content an absolute priority

SEO keywords and gorgeous photos will not keep your traffic high for long. You need interesting. It is a fundamental principle for high-quality websites: SEO keywords tend to flourish because of quality content, not the other way around. Make sure that when your site is ready to be deployed, you have superior quality content prepared to fill it out. And not only must the content be excellent – answer users’ questions and give them solutions they can use – but it must also stay fresh. Outdated content is a red flag for users. It shows that you are not interested in updating your website. What are they likely to infer from it about your professional ethics or your commitment to your customers?

4. Use web resources as much as possible

Quality companies have free versions of their products for small businesses. They will offer you free SEO keyword searches, design test offers, and free themes to help you get your site off the ground. These websites make a lot of money on subscriptions from big companies. Enjoy being a little fish.

5. Do your best to ensure fast loading times

Enter the name of a website you visit and count to three. Did he take care of it before? It is the average time that your impatient fellow Internet users spend loading a site before leaving for the greener grass. Trying to save money by paying just a little bit of bandwidth is a dangerous game. You may run out of bandwidth for visitors if your site suddenly becomes popular beyond your expectations. It will render your site unusable and drive away your newly interested customers.