What if in 2019, you didn’t buy a new smartphone? It won’t please the stock markets, but we still have the right to make good resolutions and here’s one: clean up our technological lives a little bit.

Your smartphone probably still works!

The year began with a cold shower for Apple shareholders, but an event that I would describe as a salutary one: when customers have the opportunity to boost their current model, users will take the opportunity to postpone their purchase of a brand new phone until the following year. The battery exchange program is one of the reasons, according to Tim Cook, as well as a gloomy climate in China. Well, OK it’s also a way of half-heartedly admitting that the iPhone has become overpriced, but let’s see a more general positive sign.

Your current smartphone is (probably) sufficient.

The terminal – whatever its brand – that you bought last year, or two years ago, even three or four years depending on your usage is probably still enough.

If it still takes pictures that satisfy you, if it still benefits from security updates, if the battery life still allows you to last a whole day without asking your colleagues for an “iPhone cable” or a “Samsung charger,” that’s fine! In any case, while we will end up having the leaks of the model after the one, which has not yet been released, it becomes illusory to follow the movement.

You can also, of course, be looking for a new laptop, want to indulge yourself or fall in love with the sales of your favorite download booth. That’s cool! That’s cool! But it may be wise to think about what this purchase will bring you. What will you do with your old equipment?

Rediscover what you already have

The frenzy of manufacturers and publishers will not stop. New products will continue to flow in at an annual or even biannual rate for some to stay in the news, to keep pace with competitors, to attract new potential customers. But this should not prevent us from thinking about our uses and questioning our consumption habits.

Alternatives options exist.

You can choose to support a project like the Fairphone, even if you remain doubtful about its software delay, which is difficult to close. The PostmarketOS alternative system project, which promises ten years of support for the devices on which you install it, is also to be monitored. You can also choose a high-end smartphone that you are relatively confident about when you upgrade your software and keep it as long as possible. Perhaps by slowing down renewals, this will encourage manufacturers to offer longer-lasting support.