With new technologies constantly being developed, the home is becoming more and more connected, autonomous and above all ecological. Let’s take a look at the major innovations for your home in this article.

Connectivity in the home

With the arrival of smartphones, new communication networks and the development of IT in a more global way, the house is becoming progressively more intelligent. Every room now benefits from these innovations, bringing comfort and accessibility to the family.

  • Rooms: here, we think first of all of your well-being and more particularly of your rest. To this end, we will find elements that improve your sleep cycle. Thanks to an application, the shutters will open at the best moment, a soft ambient light will appear accompanied by sounds from nature, for example. A real experience to optimise your rest.
  • Kitchen: the kitchen is obviously one of the key rooms in this digitalization. For example, there is a connected fridge that will analyse its contents, give cooking tips or even do your shopping directly from a touch screen. Even crazier, the British company Moley Robotics presented robotic arms last January that can autonomously prepare more than 5,000 recipes.
  • Living room: the main living area of the house, the living room also has its own new technology. The living room is also equipped with new technology, such as centralized ambient lighting and audio systems, and connected furniture that can charge your smartphone. But it goes even further with the development of video walls that turn your walls into screens in their own right. There are also liquid crystal windows that allow you to control the opacity from a tablet or smartphone.
  • Exteriors: they are not to be outdone, as many innovations will bring them to life. In addition to the robot that will do the gardening independently, there will be an intelligent watering system as well as connected flower pots that will analyse humidity and sunlight. Finally, equipment such as the barbecue or even your swimming pool will be able to communicate with you in order to offer you ideal conditions of use. Here too, comfort is the buzzword.

connected homes are the future

Innovations in the field of green energy

While there are many digital innovations in our homes, ecological innovations are also in vogue. Here are some of the innovations that will soon be found in our homes:

Green roofs: These are increasingly being seen, especially in public buildings and office blocks. They keep the temperature between 15° and 20° in the summer and maintain heat in the winter. This is a solution that is tending to develop very widely, as its ecological and practical advantages are so important.

  • Solar panels: you know what they are, you see them quite regularly on the roofs of houses. But did you know that in the future, solar panels will also be capable of capturing indoor light and transforming it into electricity? That’s the feat that American and Chinese researchers have achieved. In a few years’ time, they will probably be found in our homes.
  • Photovoltaic windows: in fact, your windows will be electricity generators in the future. Once again, this is only a prototype for the moment. But it seems that this technology will be the standard for the future.

New technologies will therefore play a major role both inside and outside the home. With the many connected devices, centralisation to manage everything from a single interface and control your home has never been easier. The home of the future will be an unparalleled experience of comfort where technology will be at the service of its occupants.