A bad web host can have unfortunate consequences for your business, causing regular interruptions on your site for example or an increase in the loading time of your pages, created by limited bandwidth and an unreliable web host. When we know that more than half of Internet users leave a web page after 3 seconds of loading, not taking this information into account would be completely irresponsible on your part.

So, to help you select the best web hosting provider, here are some points to consider when making your choice.

Hosting offers: shared or dedicated server?

The first category, as its name suggests, consists in pooling the resources of the same server for different sites: individuals as well as professionals, showcase site, blog or e-commerce site. The fact that some host share resources between servers allows, among other things, to offer attractive prices to site owners and publishers. However, low rates mean that web hosting is less efficient. These solutions are for sites with low traffic.

Dedicated offers, on the other hand, correspond to the rental or purchase of a server dedicated solely to your activity. This way, you will be alone on your server, allowing you to benefit from more resources. This solution is ideal if you receive a lot of traffic on your site. However, this will require training, mainly to keep your server up to date. This solution has a higher cost as prices in this area tend to rise quickly!

Choosing a domain name

You can get a domain name directly from a registrar, also known as a domain name registrar or from a web host. This solution guarantees you more freedom, as your domain name is then independent of your host. But opting for this more complicated solution will require some knowledge on your part, to successfully transfer the domain name by yourself.

It is easier to acquire your domain name at the same time as your hosting. Indeed, many hosting providers offer all-inclusive offers: hosting and domain name included at no extra cost. You can even sometimes benefit from the free domain name for life, as long as they host your website! A very good host we recommend is O2switch in France. The offer a comprehensive cPanel with an unlimited amount of resources that matches what other VPS host can offer. Find more by reading this avis sur O2switch!

cloud hosting and VPS
Cloud hosting technology is very reliable these days!

Check the availability and quality of technical assistance

Technical assistance and the availability of teams are essential criteria to take into account when making your choice, if not the most important to ensure you absolute peace of mind in your activity. Hosting is never 100% reliable, and you may or may not need to call on technical service for an external reason. To check the quality of the technical assistant proposed by the host, here are some important criteria to consider:

• Check if technical assistance is easily accessible and if so, by what means. Simple email contact is generally regarded as insufficient. It is also better to have a telephone number at your disposal. It is even better if the host has developed a live chat service.

Days of availability: forget about unavailable hosts on weekends. You must, therefore, select the best hosting providers, i.e., those able to answer you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Carefully read the Terms & Conditions to check the conditions of assistance provided for in your contract, in particular concerning the following points: intervention time, recovery time, penalties if the host fails to comply with the rules cited in the TOS, etc.

We hope this article helped you in selecting the best web hosting for your needs!