The brand image, also known as branding, is the representation that the public has of your company, of your brand. To boost your sales and build customer loyalty, it is essential, not to say fundamental, to work on the brand image of your online store.

“Your brand is what people say when you’re not in the room. – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

On the Internet, branding plays a major role in the success of your business. Especially if you have an online store. If your branding isn’t carefully crafted, you stand to lose. And big.

5 ways to work on your online store branding

Branding can’t be worked on or improved with a snap of the fingers. In order for people to trust you and buy from you, you have to put in the effort.

To properly brand your online store, you must :

  1. Develop your visual identity (visual branding)
  2. Take care of your communication
  3. Improve your visibility on the Internet
  4. Create emotion
  5. Focus on customer experience (UX)

Develop your visual identity

This is a first step to reinforce your brand image. Visual branding is essential. Like big companies like Coca-Cola, Nike or Apple, your company’s visual identity (logos, colors, fonts, photos…) communicates a global message and helps you stand out.

Your visual identity is your style. It is both your look and your character. For your store to attract people, it must be talked about, attractive, and make people want to be interested in it.

To improve your brand image, focus on your visual branding. Take into account your target: your identity will not be the same if you are addressing 40-50 year old golf fans as if you are addressing 18-24 year old gamers.

Visual identity is so important that it allows you to associate a logo with values!

Prepare and take care of your communication

How will you communicate with your customers and prospects? Which social network will you use? Which one is the most adapted to your target audience? What tone will you use? Are you going to use only digital or print communication? You must have answers to these questions.

Your communication must be smooth. You need to work it to the word. To help you, a plethora of tools exist. However, beware of the way you communicate. Communication is a springboard to improve the brand image of your online store. It can also reduce your efforts to nothing. For print you can easily turn to a marketing tool that is cheap today to keep costs down.

Your communication strategy must also be consistent. Whether it’s your content, your visuals, your press releases, etc., you need to be consistent. You need to stay aligned with your brand – and therefore online store – values.

online visibility and marketing

Improve your visibility

The brand image of your online store depends on its visibility and awareness. How can you develop your branding if nobody sees you? Several strategies exist to improve the visibility of your site on the net.

You have the paid referencing (SEA). It consists in buying places on sites (display) or paying to have sponsored ads on the Internet.

Your presence on social networks and if necessary the investment in advertising on them can also help to expand your reputation.

The SEO is probably the best strategy to be visible on the long term.

If you don’t improve your visibility on the web, it’s not even worth working on the image of your e-commerce. Nobody will see it.

Create emotion

The use of emotions via emotional marketing, in particular, is extremely effective to work on the brand image of your shop. By creating emotions, you create a strong link with your brand’s consumers.

To develop the good reputation of your brand, play on feelings! How can you do this?

By using colors: red color for hunger, yellow and orange color for happiness…
By using storytelling: tell a story, yours for example. Nothing better to make your readers feel emotional.

Work on the UX of your online store

In order for your customer to evaluate your online store positively, move heaven and earth in order to propose an optimal, fast, simple and ergonomic customer journey.

Internet users do not like to be in trouble when they buy a product. They want to find key information as quickly as possible. They want to be able to complete their purchase in a few clicks.

Don’t forget: the customer is the pillar of your business! Everything must be thought of for him and for his satisfaction. By doing so, you can be sure that the brand image of your online store will be excellent.

Don’t neglect the brand image of your online stores anymore!

Are you an e-merchant or a service provider? You will have understood, if you want to develop your business serenely and durably, do not neglect the brand image of your online store. By taking into account the tips above, you will be able to develop a complete strategy that, in addition to (re)gilding your branding, will bring you more customers and visibility!